November hits and misses 

Hits ❤️
1. Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick – One of my favourite liquid lipstick formula! I have been wearing this shade (crush) all the time!
2. Spectrum A05 brush– I find this perfect for powder contouring. The brush is so soft and its angular shape makes the application so much easier!
3. Sephora invisilk mask– I love any face mask in general and this sheet mask is any lazy girl’s dream – it peels right off! Sephora have different types of face masks, this one is for brightening and perfecting.
4. Flormar flash mascara – I was really impressed by this mascara, it’s very volumizing plus the packaging is super cute. 
5. Kardashian beauty blow dry cream – I have already stated my love for this on my blog before but I couldn’t not mention it as one of my hits.
6. Kardashian beauty brush – One word – LOVE.
7. Max factor False Lash Epic Mascara – Usually Max factor mascaras aren’t my cup of tea, but I really enjoy using this one, the wand in particular is really good.
8. Flormar Hand cream – Love to just leave this in my bag and apply it during the day. Especially since it’s getting colder and my hands start to get dry.
9. 3ina The Pen Eyeliner – For only around 7 euro, this pen liner is really good! I like that it’s proper black and the tip isn’t too harsh on your eyes.

10. The Bodyshop Vitamin E lip care – With my love for liquid lipsticks, this is a need in my life to restore moisture into my lips. 

Misses 💔 
1. Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick – Everyone seems to be obsessed with these but I just can’t find myself liking them. I tried it multiple times but each time it’s the same experience. My lips get super dry plus the colour gets way too dark and the colour on the outline of my lips just starts crumbling off 😦
2. Revlon Colorstay eyeliner – This wasn’t a cheap pen liner (around 16 euro) and it literally dried out after using it twice! Plus the tip is so stiff that when I went over the same line twice to arrange it, it removed  the previous line!

I hope you enjoyed this type of post 🙂 What are your current favourites? ❤

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