Kardashian Beauty Blow Dry Cream


It’s time for another Kardashian beauty hair product review. This post is about the Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream which is a “lightweight smoothing cream that creates sleek and smooth styles with restored shine”. It’s meant to eliminate frizz and help hair resist humidity and thermal styling damage.

With Malta’s insane humidity, don’t expect this product to be a miracle worker! However, it will definitely help a lot in terms of frizz. The fact that it protects your hair from any thermal damage is a bonus! All the thermal protecting products I have bought in the past have been sprays that I never end up using because I do feel that they leave my hair a bit sticky, which i don’t like 😦 This cream leaves your hair SUPER soft and also smelling amazing thanks to the black seed oil it contains. ❤

After I wash my hair, I squeeze a pea sized amount on my hands and apply it all over my damp hair (avoiding the roots). I then blow dry my hair normally. If instead of blow drying my hair I’m letting it dry naturally and then straightening it, I still use this as a form of heat protector ❤  However, applying this product when I leave my hair to dry naturally I noticed that it tends to cause your hair to get greasy sooner than usual, which for my dry ends isn’t much of an issue but for those of you who have oily hair it’s something to take not of 🙂

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