Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks

You all know I have an endless love for liquid lipsticks, so it comes as no surprise that I ‘ve been wanting to get my hands on the The Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks for quite a while now. These lipsticks are marketed as providing

 “an intense amount of matte pigment in a single swipe. Just one application leaves lips with smear-resistant coverage that stays put for hours.”


Here’s what I think:

Packaging- Their packaging is of very high quality. The logo won’t slowly fade away after owning it for a while, unlike that of the Coloupop liquid lipsticks.  I love the chrome cap and the rose gold accent


Formula- They’re very pigmented and not streaky at all. What I love about them is that they don’t dry instantly once applied and so you can take your time to apply and rearrange the lipstick. However, one thing I noticed is that compared to other liquid lipsticks, they are less long lasting. But, the good thing is that the colour fades and doesn’t crumble off your lips, so applying a new layer is very easy and comfortable 🙂

Colour Range –The colour range is quite good, Anastasia Beverly hills have around 25 different shades ranging from your reds to your pinks to your browns ❤

Price- These liquid lipsticks are a bit on the pricey side, but you are definitely getting your moneys worth with their pigmentation and quality!

Rio- “Blue-toned hot pinkIMG_0118

Electric Coral -“A rich bright orange with hints of redIMG_0117

Crush-“Soft beige (lighter Dusty Rose)IMG_0119


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