3 Hair Accessories In Trend This Winter

Hi Friends ❤ It’s been such a long time since I’ve written a blog post and I’ve actually really missed it! I’m glad to be back and hopefully I won’t be gone for so long again.

In this blog post, I thought I’d share the top three hair accessories I’m loving this winter. Hair accessories have been popular for the last few seasons and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, which I’m definitely not mad about. Having naturally straight hair, I love adding accessories to spice it up and make it look less boring!

  1. Scrunchies

I really like 90’s fashion trends and I have to say scrunchies are probably my favourite. I’ve been obsessed with them ever since ‘As Told By Ginger’ (if you know, you know) . In fact in true Ginger style I often wear scrunchies on my wrist, but I also love them for my hair (obviously). Hair ribbons & bows are also making a comeback, I have yet to purchase a bow though because I’m not quite sure if I’m into them yet, but I’m all for the ribbons!

watercolour_pastel_blue_wash_throw_pillow-rb4488c39d2b54baba64d1317be52ae24_6s309_8byvr_307Scrunchies Options: Here & Here & Here

2. Hair Clips

Hair Clips are another 90’s trend, and they’re the latest addition to my hair accessories collection. Celebrities everywhere have been seen clipping back their fringes with barrettes like we did in the second grade, I love it! This trend is so easy to follow, you can go for anything from a sleek look with a simple barrette on each side of your fringe to wearing an entire pack of bobby pins on one side of your hair. Traditionally, bobby pins are meant to be used without being seen, This is why they give a rough, undone feel to a look when they are used visibly. Sparkly rhinestone clips spelling out words are also very in right now, such as the GUCCI and DIOR ones, but if you don’t feel like spending hundreds of euros on a hair clip, any worded sparkly clip will do.

watercolor-2305966_960_720 (1)Hair clip Options: Here & Here & Here

3. Head Bands

2019 is the year of the headband! Whether velvet, sparkly or classic, the style is everywhere. Although they’re not anything new fashion (Hello, Blair Waldorf?), the accessory has undergone a modern revival from designers of late – just as we’ve also seen with scrunchies and hair clips. The easiest part of the look is actually the styling–you can throw a velvet headband on with a messy bun for a cooler casual look or with straight sleek hair for a more ‘put together’ look. Thinner, embellished headbands paired with loose waves are great for more evening looks. You can basically throw a headband on with almost any hair style, but the key to make the look work is having lots of texture and volume in your hair!

watercolor-2305966_960_720-10.jpgHeadband Options: Here & Here  & Here

What are your fave hair accessories? Let me know ❤

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