How I Choose My Holiday Outfits

Hi Friends, I just came back from a weekend trip to Sicily with my friends and so I thought it’d be interesting to show you how I choose my holiday outfits.


Firstly, I always plan my outfits before; I don’t take random clothes then put outfits together once there because I’m usually always limited with space (to be fair this trip was only a weekend so 1 hand luggage was enough [maybe..]) that way I only pack what I actually need. I am that living meme of packing 9 underwear for a 3 day trip just in case I pee myself twice everyday so it’s not an easy task.

How do I plan my outfits? To be honest going abroad equals an infinite amout of photos (don’t judge me, I know we all do this) so I usually start by looking at new items in my wardrobe and what I would like to maybe feature on my Instagram. Then I add other items from my wardrobe to these pieces to build outfits. Other than reflecting my style in the outfits I also always make sure they’re super comfortable. I love fashion but I am not spending a day in an uncomfortable item just because it’s cute (ok sometimes I do). 

What I think is also important is incorporating items that are very diverse such as your favourite jeans which depending on the top & accessories you choose can create 2 completely different outfits. Also, white sneakers are a must! They’re not only stylish but can match with multiple outfits and are comfortable to walk in if you’re spending days out. (If you’re going to a hot destination, light dresses are great because they take up a tiny amount of space and are comfortable to wear)


Now, onto my favourite items to pack, ACCESSORIES! I love packing accessories, they really don’t take up much space and can totally edge up your outfit. My favourite ways to complete an outfit are; gold hoops, vintage sunglasses and some layered necklaces.

How do you choose your holiday outfits? ❤

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