My 5-Minute Nighttime Skincare Routine

Hi Friends ❤ In this post I’m here to talk about my nighttime skincare routine. Now, to start off it’s important that you know that I am very lazy in everything in life except organizing and cleaning my room (slightly weird I know). Anyways, back to the skincare, being very lazy but also a crazy shopaholic, I have always bought an insane amount of skincare products  that I barely use. I have NEVER finished a skincare product, NEVER! I always start using it everyday, then every week, then I forget it exists and find it 2 years later to discover it has expired. So I’ve mostly just taken off my makeup and called it a day.

HOWEVER, jumping to today, I have realised that I have been actually taking care of my skin for a couple of months now! So much so that I am at the end of my cleanser, meaning I have used this product almost everyday (I still have lazy days) since I got it! This got me very excited, I feel like I beat my too lazy for skincare trend, and I think the key to this was keeping my routing the simplest it can be. I thought I’d share this VERY simple routine with you to maybe help any lazy individual out there who would like to make a change.


Step 1: Coconut oil

I use coconut oil to remove any makeup that’s on my face. I love it because It melts the makeup straight off ❤

Step 2: Cetaphil ‘Gentle Skin Cleaner’

I then use a pump of this to clean my face properly. I love how soft my skin feels after using it!

Step 3: The Body Shop ‘Glow Boosting Moisturizer’

This is the latest addition to my collection, I’ve had it for around a month now. I wanted to buy something that contained Vitamin C because I heard it helps with scarring and skin-tone balancing and the lady at Body Shop suggested this one. I love the smell and the texture of it!

That’s basically it, very simple I know!

I hope you found this useful 🙂

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