Women’s Day

You can be a woman and a boss and wear the trousers at the same time’ – 
Happy Women’s day to all the women out there ❤️ I tried choosing an inspirational quote and although all the ones I found were amazing, Stormzy’s lyrics in the song Power just speak to me.

Growing up studying and working in IT, mainly programming, I was always the only woman or if i’m lucky one of only 2 women in the class/team. With that, I always felt like I had to work twice as hard just to prove that I deserved to be there or that my opinion should be considered as important. It definitely wasn’t easy but having quite a strong character I always managed to push through. fast forward to today, I’m no longer bothered by or care for the stereotypical male: female ratio because I feel I’ve earned my place and worked hard to be here. But to any 14 year old girl who’s sitting at home trying to choose her subjects or any woman choosing her next career move and thinking ‘That’s a man’s industry’ – go for it! break the stereotype – if it’s what you really want, work hard and you will get there anyway ❤️


Sunglasses: Asos, Top: Monsoon, Trousers: RiverIsland, Shoes: New Look

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