Girl Interrupted

Hey Friends ❤ today’s outfit post comes with a little story. Basically I found this really cute door and wanted to take a picture in front of it (shocker I know). Whilst walking to the door, this black cat started following me (I’m kind of scared of cats so I wasn’t really happy with my visitor). I then found out this cat lives in the house with the cute door. 

Moment of realization.

I decided to smile through my fear and pursue my picture taking.

Had a short stare off.

She/He then accepted me and turned out to be chill af.5ca38d48-3e43-4aba-b56f-34eed93b7e6190b4ea70-71e6-4577-aa52-c24e3176870b

Top – Monsoon
Shorts- Mango
Bag- Aldo
Shoes – New look
Sunglasses – Aldo

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