Everyday makeup look for Summer using ‘The Body Shop’ products

Hi Friends ❤ Today I’m here to share with you my typical summer makeup look, while reviewing some new products I got from one of my fave affordable brands – Body Shop ❤️

 With Summer’s insane heat, to avoid feeling like my entire makeup is melting off of my face, I keep my look very minimal. I usually just go for mascara (lashes if I’m feeling fancy), bronzer, highlighter & lipstick (obviously). 

I started this look using the new ‘Skin Defence’ sun block from body shop. I bought this a while ago and I’ve been using it every day! It’s SUPER light and, unlike other sunblocks, doesn’t feel sticky at all- love it! Next is the ‘Lash Hero’ mascara; I like that it doesn’t clamp up your lashes and that it doesn’t transfer to your under eyes throughout the day. 

As for the bronzer (shade: dark golden matte), I got this one last week and I actually really like it, it gives a very subtle bronze and feels very smooth on the skin.

Being a liquid lipstick hoarder, I have been waiting eagerly to try this one out. I love the color and the finish of this one however it’s not very pigmented so you have to apply a number of coats in order to get it completely opaque – which can cause it to flake. Overall, considering the amazing liquid lipsticks other brands offer, I’m not entirely sure I would recommend this one. It could be just this colour though, so I definitely will be trying other colours to compare!

I hope you enjoyed this post ❤ Have you tried any of the products I mentioned? 

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