Malta Fashion Week 2017 – The shows 

Hello friends ❤️  Last week I posted about all my looks for Malta fashion week, this week I’m here to talk to you about some of the shows that went on during the week. All of the shows were very unique and distinctive from each other but they ALL gave me serious style envy. 


Rosemarie Abela – La Cupola

The collection draws it’s inspiration from the Mosta Dome, Malta Skyline and Neo- classical period. It’s aimed at women that express their individuality through fashion. I loved the tassle and embroidery details on many of her pieces.

Photo by JCiappara


Yana’s Jewellery – Mystical Branches

Inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt ‘The tree of Life’, Yana’s new collection focused on the use of rope designs and gold wire wrapping beautiful stones and beads.

Photo By Ivan Borg


Parascandolo – Vanity Rebels

This collection is very cool, bold and effortless. It featured simple designs with powerful messages and graphics, along with edgy denim. I loved the inclusion of iconic Maltese symbols in some of the pieces.

Photo By JCiappara


Maria Cutajar – Boho Goddess

Inspired by the bohemian lifestyle, Maria’s  collection featured flowy light fabrics to heavy knitwear. The outfits were very effortless yet put together, which is something I try to achieve in my own looks. The colour scheme changed throughout the show- from the more earthy tones to the pink & purple hues. My favourite were definitely the latter!



Carla Grima Atelier – Abloom

LOVE this collection! It featured everything you need for the perfect summer wardrobe; from kaftans, jumpsuits (love jumpsuits) to amazingly designed swimsuits. The colour scheme of the collection is what I’m obsessed with at the moment – oranges, reds and bold prints ❤ 

Photo by Kurt Paris


Gaetano – Divas

Gaetano’s collection is a celebration of powerful, strong women. Inspired by real life musical divas such as Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Claudia Faniello. It included all the latest trends such as flares and lace. I loved the entire collection, definitely need one of Gaetano’s dresses in my wardrobe!

Photo by Nicholas Borg


Ritienne Zammit – I Love Valletta

The collection was a tribute to our capital city & the location of this years Fashion week – Valletta. Absolutely loved it! It incorporated a lot of bold print and fabrics, however it was designed in a very wearable manner.

Photo By Ivan Borg

I hope you enjoyed this post ❤ Well done again to ALL the designers!



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