Rimmel ‘The Only 1 Matte’ Lipsticks Review

Hi friends ❤️ I’m back with another product review 😍 Rimmel have recently just launched new lipsticks- ‘The only 1 matte’ lipsticks.  There are 20 shades in all including nudes, pinks, reds, purples and browns.

They are marketed as being ‘the perfect balance of high impact colour, moisture, all day comfort and staying power’. They have a velvety texture with a matte finish.

I got two colours from the range, a dark one and a lighter one just to see the consistency across shades. My thoughts are that they are very pigmented and smell amazing! I agree that they are very comfortable and moisturizing ❤️ Being used to liquid lipsticks, I cant say these have the best staying power ever but for a regular lipstick they’re not half bad 🙂

You can see the swatches below 😍 Let me know if you’ve tried these ❤️❤️

Top: 810- ‘The Matte Factor’, Bottom: 200 – ‘Salute’


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