Revolution Contour kit and brush review 

Hi friends 🙂 It’s time for another review! If you follow me on social media you know I’ve been to the UK recently and while I was there I picked up some new makeup to test out. I got this contour kit and contour brush because I loved the way they looked plus they were super affordable.
The contour kit comes with 8 powders. 2 setting powders (1,2), 3 highlighters (3,4,8) and 3 contouring powders (5,6,7). I’m not the biggest fan of the setting powders, I don’t think they’re very pigmented and I don’t find myself using them. However, I like the highlighter especially the white one (4), it gives a very subtle yet noticeable glow.

My favourites from the palette are the contour powders. You get three pigmented shades. I like mixing the bottom two (5,6) for bronzing up my face.  The (5) is similar in shade to my fav ‘Sleek’ bronzer in ‘light’ and (6) is a VERY similar shade to the ‘Benefit hoola’ bronzer.

I also like the fact that it comes with a huge mirror ❤️

I Love how the brush looks! When buying it, I knew that even if I hated it, it would still make for good decor

Swatches for the top shades:

Swatched for the bottom shades:

Applying the contour shades (5,6) and highlight (4) –

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