Kardashian Beauty Dry Shampoo & Conditioner

Next on the list for hair care product reviews are the Kardashian beauty dry shampoo and dry conditioner. I have already expressed my love for dry shampoo on my blog before  so as you can imagine I was very eager to try this one out.  As for the dry conditioner, I didn’t really know what to expect as I had never really used something like it.

For those who have never heard or used dry shampoo before, It’s basically a fast drying waterless spray that absorbs any excess oil and impurities from your hair. It’s perfect for when you hair is still fine but your roots get oily.  I also love using it because it adds volume to my roots. The issue with normal dry shampoos is that they tend to leave a white-ish residue on your hair  when you spray it too close to your head.  The Kardashian beauty one does not do that which saves me so much time and the results look so much better ❤

The dry conditioner is something I had never heard of. According to the owner of CHI Malta, the Kardashian beauty one is the only dry conditioner available in Malta. Like the dry shampoo, it’s also a spray that enhances shine and moisture in your hair. The formula contains small conditioning molecules that instantly hydrate your hair leaving it super soft.

Both sprays smell amazing and leave your hair smelling great. Plus look at that packaging ❤ ❤

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