Sleek Contouring Kits

First things first, I am definitely no makeup artist but I wanted to review these products  for you guys and I thought no better way than showing you myself trying them out 🙂

The Sleek cream contour kit comes in 3 different shades: light, medium and dark. I got the medium which has 6 different contour shades.

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The Sleek face contour kit also comes in the same 3 shades. I got the light shade which includes a bronzer and a highlighter.

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This is how I used the shades:

  • No. 6 for my cheeks going up to my forehead in an L-shape and for my jawline.
  • No. 5 for under my lips and the lines on my nose.
  • No. 1 for under my eyes, centre of my nose and centre of my forehead.



I then blended it all with a damp sponge..the shades are fairly easy to blend but it takes a while to really get rid of those harsh lines and get a natural looking finish. I did feel that as I blended, the colours faded quite a bit so I did have to go over them with a powder.

For powder, using the-‘Face Contour Kit’, I used the bronzer for where I did the dark contour and the highlighter for where I did the light contour.


Final thoughts:

Cream Contour Kit: It’s not an overall bad product but there are a few things  that I don’t really like about it. First of all, I feel that  some of the shades are unnecessary  and I don’t see myself ever getting any use from them. Also the product dries really quickly, so once applied you have to start blending immediately or else blending won’t be so easy. I do still prefer powders for contouring but this kit is  a great start for anyone wanting to experiment with cream contour, especially since it’s so affordable!

Face Contour Kit: I absolutely love this! The bronzer is a beautiful warm colour, its so pigmented and blends so easily. The highlighter, although it’s not so pigmented, still gives you a nice soft shimmer and glow. Overall I would recommend this to anyone!

Here is a before and after picture. As you can see, the difference is very subtle but still quite noticeable 🙂


I hope you found this helpful 🙂 You can buy Sleek products from here

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