KIKO Milano Velvet Mat – Satin Lipsticks


I have been buying KIKO lipsticks for a while now. They come in many ranges but from the 4 I’ve tried, the Velvet Mat – Satin Lipsticks range is definitely my favourite. They have a creamy formula and dry mostly matte. Also, for the price ( 6.90), I would definitely recommend them. I’ve managed to collect 7 from this range and so I thought I’d show you a little swatch and review of all the colours I have 🙂


 The packaging is so cute and makes them look very expensive. They’re perfect for keeping on display on your vanity 🙂

607 – Passion Red

I love this colour. It’s a true bright red which, in my opinion, is perfect for all year round ❤


614- Dark Berry

This is another one of my favourites. I think it’s the perfect berry shade for spring and the formula on this one is really good 🙂


613 – Pink Carnation

I LOVE this one. I honestly wear it 5 out of 7 days of the week. It’s the perfect shade of pink and is the most long- wearing from this range.


612 – Strawberry Pink

This is a very every day wearable pink. This was the first shade I ever got from the range and I still wear it to this day.



603- Warm brown

I honestly don’t like this very much mainly because I don’t think it suites me at all. But also, I feel the formula on this brown shade is different. It is more creamy  and not very  pigmented. I found myself applying around 3 coats to get the colour shown in the picture! Due to it being very creamy, I  found it very hard to create an even line without using a lip liner.


611- Autumn Pink

This colour was a bit disappointing in my opinion. I ordered it online because it looked like a gorgeous brownish pink but in my opinion it looks way more reddish than brown.


601 – Nude Rose

 I think this is the perfect subtle nude and the formula on this is amazing! Before I bought MAC’s Velvet Teddy this one was my  everyday nude. I honestly don’t reach for it so much now but I would still recommend it to anyone ❤



You can buy KIKO products  here however not all shades are available online.


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