All about hair

First things first, hair should never be taken for granted! I learned this the hard way when touching my hair was like touching straw. My hair rehab started and my first priority was to find the right hairdresser (Karl Brincau <3) that could cater to my hair needs. Also I started to opt for products that would nourish my hair , and going for a trim every 6 weeks.

Finally, after a year of intensive care my hair has regained life and I can now touch my soft hair happily. My new aim is to keep my hair healthy and soft, which would not be possible without my fave 4 products.



1. Lakme Ultra Clair Treatment:


Living in Malta may have its perks with the weather being sunny most of the time, however the constant sunshine loves to leave its mark on my hair. Most Maltese girls face this problem as, due to the red pigments in their hair, they find that the sun exposure has left their hair with orange and red streaks. This treatment is my saviour! It keeps the orange from coming out with every wash. I do really mean EVERY WASH, my hair loves being orange! After shampooing my hair, I usually leave this treatment on for around 30 minutes, rinse it out and then apply conditioner.

2. Schwarzkopf Oil Nutritive Tub:

FullSizeRender (2)

After I rinse off the conditioner, I put this on my hair for roughly 3 minutes. Not only does the oil in this product help my hair feel super soft and way less dry, but it also leaves my hair smelling amazing.

3. John Frieda leave-in spray:


I apply this spray right after I’m done washing my hair and just before brushing it. I love using this spray especially in summer. Long days at the beach can leave your hair super dry, that’s why on these days I like to first spray my hair with natural water and then apply this spray over it.

4. Garnier Fructis Dry Shampoo:


This isn’t really a hair treatment but I thought I’d mention it anyway because I love it so much! I use it when my hair has been washed for a couple of days and its still looking decent apart from the front section which tends to oil easily. A little spray tends to do the job. Trust me it’s a life saver!

Hope you find this helpful and to end with a little tip from me: To get some loose waves, after washing your hair let it dry naturally for a bit then braid you hair into a french plait and leave it on for a few hours ❤


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