Taking your outfit from day to night

One outfit can serve many purposes. Taking a simple dress and leather jacket can work for both day and night. For day time, comfortable shoes are a must. Trainers, if styled right, work with most outfits. I chose these Vans for their plain and neutral style. Since during the day I’m the type of person that carries a lot of stuff around, a spacious bag is necessary. This Zara bag is the perfect size for the job as it is spacious without being too bulky.


A more formal look is easily created by changing your shoes to heels. Also, opting for a smaller bag will help you achieve a more elegant look 🙂

Jacket: miss selfridge
Dress: h&m
Necklace: h&m
Day bag: Zara
Day shoes: Vans
Night bag: River Island
Night shoes: Public Desire


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